Internationalization benefits

  1. To be world-ready in anticipation, being capable to adapt our software applications to the languages and writing systems of our partners throughout the world, as soon as possible upon a client request.

  2. Get a strong competitive advantage, being closer to your clients from the time your take their language, culture and identity into account,

  3. Increase your sales, 40% minimum on a foreigner market, instead of delivering only an english version of your software solutions. This growth is even much bigger in continental Europe or in Japan where localizing your products in Japanese is an obligation,

  4. Minimize your costs and delays to deliver a competitive solution. Under condition to adopt an appropriate organization, it becomes possible and confortable to overlap tasks and execute in the time several of them, such as R&D, translations and technical documentation typically,

  5. Undercontact safely some tasks, such as translations to external partners, giving them access to the data they need to know only.